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Monday, June 21, 2004

UKIP in America
Written by: Beck

There's a new political party in Great Britain: the United Kingdom Independence Party. UKIP's platform in one sentence: get the UK out of the EU. It's a great idea, and in recent EU parliament elections, the UKIP was fantastically successful. They went from being a fringe party to being the best funded political party in the UK virtually overnight. That's right, they're the best funded party--they have more money in their war chest than either the Tories, the Liberal Democrats, or even Tony Blair's Labour party. While the UK has managed to retain more sovereignty than most EU nations (for example, by not adopting the single-currency euro), the British have nonetheless been watching national sovereignty steadily erode, power and decision making being steadily ceded to Brussels. It's disgusting, and Brits are coming to their senses.

I think this is a wonderful development in what is quite possibly the last bastion of common sense in all of Europe. And it's time that the United States did the same damn thing. So without further ado, I'd like to announce the creation of the American Sovereignty Party (ASP). In short, the goal of ASP is to protect the right of every American to go about the business of being an American without taking suggestions on how to live our lives from anyone else in the world. The official ASP platform would be relatively simple (though a little more involved than the single issue UKIP).

Foreign Policy:

1) US withdrawal from the United Nations -- The UN is corrupt, and it does not even come close to serving the purpose it was created for. Whether or not its creation was a good idea at the time, it no longer serves any useful function. All the UN does is keep scores and scores of bureaucrats employed, and all those bureaucrats do is tell the United States that all the worlds' ills are our fault and could be solved if only we would stop being so damn selfish. The UN had its chance, it failed, it's time to move on.

2) War on Terror -- Kill terrorists wherever terrorists can be found, and prevent terrorists from successfully entering the United States. This would involve, among other things, curtailing the asinine asylum laws we have now, and finally taking action to prevent illegal immigration. Furthermore, immigration laws would be restructured so that a Ph.D. from South Korea doesn't have a harder time getting a US work visa than migrant laborers from Guatemala.

Domestic Policy:

1) Boot the UN out of New York -- It's not sufficient for the US to withdraw from the UN, we also need to get those double parking diplomatic immunity dickheads off our soil. Send them to Brussels, I'm sure they'd be welcome there. New Yorkers have been supporting the UN with their infrastructure and their tax dollars for long enough. Plus, the mass exodus of so many unskilled bureaucrats (to say nothing of the overnight increase in available office space) should do wonders for the cost of living in NYC.

2) Don't change anything else -- This is the real key to the ASP's potential for success. You see, where we are right now, the US economy can continue to grow strongly for basically an indefinite period of time. Sure, there are things which could be done to improve that growth, but a majority of Americans are never going to agree on it. While conservatives might want to scale back various changes that have been made over the past few decades, we all know it's not going to happen. While liberals might want to expand the social welfare state and further trample on American civic institutions and traditions, the majority of Americans are fed up with their asinine imposition of the European mindset on our way of life. In short, while no one's exactly happy with the status quo, no one's so unhappy about it that they wouldn't be able to tolerate it indefinitely. Any fine tuning people want can be done on the state level. Without question or hesitation, however, ASP domestic policy will involve voting down anything that expands the scope of government beyond its already gargantuan reach, excepting legislation designed to fight terrorism. Further, the ASP won't actively seek to dismantle any of the government institutions that Americans have grown so fond of (much as this goes against my own personal political philosophy, I feel it's necessary to create a viable political party). Again, any changes people want, whether it involves gay marriage, drug legalization, or further tightening or loosening of abortion laws, can be done on the state level.

So tell your family. Tell your friends. Email them links to this article. ASP in 2008. It's time for Americans to come to their senses, retake their sovereignty, and finally free themselves up to go about their business without interference from the millions of talent free government employees (both domestic and foreign) who think they know more about how people should live their lives than the people themselves.

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John Beck

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