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Monday, May 02, 2005

Carnival of the Capitalists
Written by: Goemagog

Evils of the world.

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Coyote Blog explores the parallels between Fascist economic policies, and the New Deal. Interesting reading despite the lack of gondoliers, pidgeon droppings, or flying nuns.

Chavez and Castro are working to isolate us from Latin America, but Will from Willisms thinks we should isolate them first! That'll learn 'em good! He doesn't offer much on how to deal with the socialist governments across Latin America that support Chavez and Castro. He does notes that there might not be much economic infrastructure left in a post-Chavez Venezuela. Given the history of non-capitalism, there won't be many people left either.

Half Sigma wants a "sensible minimum wage". While minimum wages are nice for many people, they're definately not a free-market thing. And how can labor be undervalued when a minimum value is set, but no maximum value? I'm no economist, but it sounds like commie talk to me. Read what they say and make up your own mind.

Beer prices are held up by a beer tax, but Fresh Politics doesn't assert that beer is undervalued.

Internet Business

Gongol looks at how businesses can benefit from blog based advertising and information streams.

In the fight between Eliot Spitzer and spyware companies, it's hard to identify the greater evil. The Internet Stock Blog has taken sides, and hope you'll join them.

Logical Meme gives us outsourcing news. It seems that McDonalds will have it's drive-thru orders taken by call centers elsewhere. How many goats is a sensible minimum wage? Ashish thinks that outsourced call centers shouldn't have to identify themselves as such.

Entreprenurial Mind tells you to consider whether or not you really want to devote your existence to running a business before you try starting one. JSLogan points out the pointlessness of a business-operated blog that doesn't help the business.

TopLine Creators reminds you to be flexible in your business plan. Business Pundit thinks that hunches can be taken out of the plan, says you should see a doctor about 'gut feeling'.

Statistical Manipulation

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Political Calculations gives us an investment calculator using hypothetical return rates by King Midas, and the ever depressing Lemony Snicket. Goe's investment tip: If you ever meet King Midas, don't shake his hand.

The Truth About York notes that the "rich" pay a lot in taxes. They also note that most of the people they know who qualify as "rich" are the teachers that the "rich" are paying to teach them. Note: the site is Canadian, so when they say rich is greater than $64,500, they're talking Canadian dollars, and the real income level for Canada's "rich" is lower in America's non-metric dollars.

Stock statistics at GT's Market Rant. Doesn't mean much to me, but I'm confused by numbers. Looks like the sort of information they have on the investment shows, but without the hyperactive monkey host.

Textile tarriffs fall, but is china the only one who gains? Tim looks at the numbers.

Chocolate and Gold Coins considers whether or not the gas tax counts as a subsidy of single-passenger hybrid vehicles clogging the carpool lanes. And would a corn syrup tax lower obesity rates? Roth & Company want to know!

The Skeptical Optimist claims that inflation is on the rise! He's got the numbers to back it up!

Ferdinand, from Conservative Cat, gives a brief lesson on how to use all of the above numbers to make whatever point you wanted.

Misfortunate Marketing

Other Bloke talks about the differences between getting your site a higher search engine profile, and tricking search engines to give you more traffic.

Futuristic music marketing over at Small Business Trends. New ways to reach customers and sell them your music. Goe's tip for selling your music: Don't suck.

Heather, apparently impacted by pro-wrestling, talks about tactics for marketing your business in a small geographical area. Good for businesses that are small geographically, not so good for Gateway, whose founder gets a glowing review from Drake View.

pc4media has some marketing terms and tips for you. Having a pretty woman with a drink on the top of the page doesn't hurt, but didn't make their list.

Marketing Eye looks at how to be a good marketer, even if you don't have a product.

Martin at the Egoist says internet ad sales are going to increase, and he's not talking about spam.

Wayne says that customers are good, and you should try to keep them. Lot of tips for developing relationships with customers instead of relying on in-store buying decisions.

Adventures in Self-Publishing brought to you by the letter J.

Malicious Managers

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Slacker Manager recommends that managers who are slacking should have someone else do the work. Delegated writing of article to employee, claims new worker-manager paradigm discovered therein.

Rick Cecil tells you it's ok to interrupt if you have to, but it'd better be important! Time is money when you're using the office phone for 1-900 calls to "Bambi".

The Headmaster gives tips on how to bond with employees. Glue not recommended.

Say Leadership gives tips on bonding with your manager. Glue still not recommended, but duct tape optional.

The necessity of corporate change is covered at Lead and Gold, as well as the importance of knowing what changes are good or bad. Changing is easy, changing wisely isn't.

Pernicious Policies

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North Shore politics thinks that anti-business measures are creating a localized brain drain.

Free Market Project asserts that the press is slanting stories against social security reform.

Russell at Moble Technology says that worms, virii, and other such nastiness directed at mobile devices are nothing to get concerned about. Apparently Russell isn't in Paris Hilton's PDA.

The Business Word points out the pork involved in current social security reform. There's a lot of it. Mmm... bacon.

The Conglomerate has recentish updates on the Arthur Andersen court drama.

Mover Mike thinks both sides need flexibility in the Chinese exchange rates. Gives a good explantion, too. DAtum thinks there's already too much flexibility though, so read them both and make up your own mind already.

The Big Picture provides a lot of information about oil in their Petroleum Day post.

Photon Courier expresses their discontent with voicemail systems. Turns out that dynamic systems are hard to pin down, solid information easier to digest.

Installing security cameras is a good thing if you have inventory sitting around unguarded. Not watching the cameras is a bad thing when your expensive lobsters are being stolen. Interested Participant has more.

Featuring Dave offers an argument against government economic control, using the Federalist Papers to assert that a government of and by the people can not control the economy without a conflict of interest.

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