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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Naked Hypocrisy and Anti-Christianity of Modern Liberalism
Written by: Answerman

John insisted that I write something serious, so here goes.

Over the past couple of weeks, a social controversy swirling around the national news has particularly grabbed my attention for its exquisite demonstration of the deceitful, bankrupt ideology that informs modern liberal philosophy and larges swathes of the Democrat party membership. The so-called "Culture War" began a generation ago, long before Pat Buchanan stated the obvious at the 1992 Republican National Convention. One of its staples has been a debate about the true meaning of the First Amendement to the United States Constitution -- what really constitutes protected free speech? Liberals have spent years summoning a deep outrage whenever anyone suggests that Piss Christ and images of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant feces are inappropriate as publicly-funded "art." Of course, no one has ever demanded that the talentless poseurs who spend their lives creating such "art" should not be permitted to do so, but no matter. Liberals get lathered up at the modest suggestion that such "art" not be paid for by unwilling Christian taxpayers. The liberals' arguments in this regard, however weak, cannot be said to be contradictory.

But along comes The Passion of the Christ -- by all sober accounts a Gospel-based protrayal of the final 12 hours of Jesus' life on Earth -- and our liberal friends in the free speech movement turn into 1940s-style Hollywood censors. Piss Christ may offend the Christian citizens of the Christian (for now) nation in which we live, but our Constitution somehow requires that it be taxpayer-funded. Yet due to a hysterical fear that someone watching a faithful account of the last hours of Jesus' life may get worked up against Jews, Mel Gibson should never have filmed The Passion. The naked hypocrisy is clear, and I can't say I'm surprised by the likes of moral cretins such as Frank Rich engaging in it.

What the liberal reaction to The Passion reveals is not mere hypocrisy and intellectual inconsistency though, but also a rabid anti-Christianity that animates the modern Left. Liberals, except for the truly stupid ones, do not fear some sort of mass pogrom as a result of Americans seeing this movie. What they fear is anything approaching a spiritual re-awakening on the parts of American viewers. Their materialist, secularist (as opposed to secular) ideology demands no less of them. But since a majority of American voters isn't anti-Christian, just like a majority of American voters don't think compulsively lying degenerate socialists make good leaders as long as they support midnight basketball leagues and bigger school lunch programs, the liberals have to lie to us. And they do. With targeted abandon. And it's about time someone called them on it. Preferably someone with a readership.

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