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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Irony be not proud
Written by: Beck

One presumes the Spanish thought they were buying protection from terrorists by voting into office the socialist anti-war candidate after the 3/11 Madrid train bombing. It must've been rather disillusioning then, when a further string of attempted terrorist attacks proceeded to transpire across the nation. At least this time, the terrorist were caught in time, and only a few policemen died.

One further presumes that France thought much the same thing--that their citizens would be immune to the various kidnappings & execution threats endemic to Iraq these days. Indeed, I recall one case very early on of a Frenchman being kidnapped who secured his freedom by convincing his captors he was French.

The French have made one fatal misunderstanding--while home-grown Iraqi nationalists may only care about ridding themselves of foreign occupation (i.e. the sort of people a Frenchman genuinely needn't fear), Islamofascists are not simply content that a nation's foreign policy be pro-Saddam and anti-Israel.

The Islamists will not be happy with getting rid of the foreign occupiers of Iraq. They will not be happy with driving all the infidels out of the holy land (which seems to constitute pretty much anywhere on the planet with > 50% Muslim population, regardless of how those Muslims feel about the West). They will not be happy with the destruction of Israel. They will not be happy with unfettered access to nuclear technology. Are you starting to detect a theme? Islamists--as exemplified by everyone from the xenophobic al-Qaeda of Osama, to the Islamofascist Iranian Ayatollahs, to the Saudi-backed Wahabi sect of Islam--will not be happy until the entire globe is covered by one world-girdling Islamic state.

That state, incidentally, will look like Taliban controlled Afghanistan. The technology will be the sort of bizarre combination of left over 20th century manufactured left-overs and stone age improvisations seen in post-apocalyptic movies like Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. Women will be neither seen nor heard, and life expectancies will be somewhere in the 30s.

No, I don't actually think this world will come to pass. I don't think we'll ever get close, since I'm fairly certain people will come to their senses sometime around the time that Tehran nukes Tel Aviv.

My whole point was that the French (though they're definitely not the only ones--they're just the worst) completely and utterly fail to realize what it is the Western world confronts. An ominous portent of what's to follow:
An Iraqi militant group has kidnapped two Frenchmen and given the French government 48 hours to end a ban on Muslim headscarves, Arabic television station Al Jazeera said on Saturday.

The channel aired a brief video showing two men standing in front of a black banner bearing the name of the Islamic Army in Iraq. One man told the camera: "I would like to tell my family that everything is OK."
Yep. Headscarves. Real macro there. Sorry, France, but they won't be satisfied no matter what you do. They will only be happy when you nullify the French Republic and declare strict Sharia law. And expel or kill your Jews of course. And anyone who's not a monotheist. Oh, and everyone else too. To borrow from an Egyptian proverb (which I may have mentioned before), once our enemy knew that they could steal our goose, they knew they did not need to fear us at all. OK, it sounds silly out of context, but trust me, it's stunningly apt. Direct your thanks to Spain and the Philippines.

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