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Saturday, October 23, 2004

An open letter to The Guardian (Update)
Written by: Beck

Recall how the Guardian was giving Ohio voters' mailing addresses to British readers, encouraging them to write in support of Kerry? (Original post here). Big fucking surprise, the episode seems to have backfired rather severely.

I don't think this really comes as a shock to anyone (anyone in America anyway--the Brits seem to have been caught perfectly off guard), regardless of party affiliation. One American trait which definitely spans party lines is that we don't react well to people trying to tell us what to do and how to live our lives, regardless of whether we agree with them. That's part of the reason people come to this nation in the first place--to get the hell away from the goddamned nitpicking nanny-state mentality Euro mindset and/or to get away from the goddamned velvet-gloved (or iron fisted) pseudo-democracy (or outright dictatorship) regulatory states. In fact, one of the biggest reasons I could never bring myself to vote for Kerry is that he embodies that very European mindset so in conflict with the American spirit.

Where in hell was I going with this? Oh yeah. The Telegraph has the story.
The Guardian yesterday ran up the white flag and called a halt to "Operation Clark County", the newspaper's ambitious scheme to recruit thousands of readers to persuade American voters in a swing state to kick out President George W Bush in next month's election.

The cancellation of the project came 24 hours after the first of some 14,000 letters from Guardian readers began arriving in Clark County. The missives led to widespread complaints about foreign interference in a US election.

It also prompted a surge of indignant local voters calling the county's Republican party offering to volunteer for Mr Bush.

[...] He then acknowledged that no more addresses were being distributed, blaming attacks on The Guardian website by Right-wing hackers. [ed: attacks by right-wing hackers? My guess is that their servers crashed after all the email they got from pissed off Clark County voters.]

[...] The scheme seemed to backfired from the start as the reactions of the first recipients varied from indifference to anger and even alarm.

The surrender was announced in a lengthy "mea culpa" by Ian Katz, the G2 editor at The Guardian, who dreamed up the scheme.

He began with a lengthy denunciation of the American Right for over-reacting to his scheme, and painted his project as the victim of its own success [ed: Yeah, that's the ticket. It couldn't possibly have been a victim of being, well, a really stupid idea in the first place, could it? Nahhh.], after many thousands of readers wrote to Clark County voters.

[...] There had been mounting evidence that urging foreigners to send anti-Bush letters to Clark County - an isolated slice of the rural mid-West - was only hurting Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate.

[...] Mr Katz acknowledged that an ever-growing number of Democrats, among them Sharon Manitta, the spokesman in Britain for Democrats Abroad, tried warning The Guardian: "This will certainly garner more votes for George Bush."

Mr Katz wrote yesterday that the paper had considered the possibility, but "we didn't believe it". He insisted: "Folks in Clark County itself have best recognised the spirit of the enterprise. Local media coverage has been consistently fair and good humoured."

"Good-humoured" headlines in the local newspaper, the Springfield News-Sun have included "Butt Out Brits, voters say" and "Trashing letter campaign" - a reference to the fact that the first woman to receive a letter from a Guardian reader, Beverly Coale, threw it away, fearing it was from a terrorist.
The truly amusing thing here is The Guardian's fantastically willful blindness to the most basic rudiments of the American mindset. American Democrats even tried to dissuade The Guardian--it was that bad of an idea.

(Hat tip: INDC Journal)

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