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Thursday, November 11, 2004

What is he thinking?
Written by: Beck

Bush has won the presidency and solidified his support in both the House and Senate. So what does he do with this heady combination of mandate and momentum? Locks horns again with the pet project less popular with his base than any other: the illegal immigrant worker amnesty program. Chris Roach of Man-Sized Target puts it quite well:
If Bush's idea of "spending capital" is to try to push again for his misguided amnesty proposal, he is mistaken. He will eliminate in about 1 month all of his base's support for him, other than a few thousand businessmen who benefit from their cheap labor and possibly the libertarians...

The base supported him in spite of his position on amnesty/immigration, not because of it. There is no conservative constituency for this. To conservatives, it looks like a formula for perpetual war to fight terrorism abroad while condoning open borders at home.
While I'm on the subject of immigration, allow me to point you to a post on the subject by liberal blogger David of ISOU. I have to say I'm in complete agreement with him on the topic of illegal immigration and the establishment of migrant worker programs.
I do not believe that people, who violate a law of our country as literally their first act in entering the country, should be given the benefits of our great country...

As for establishing migrant worker programs that allow people to enter the country to work, I don't believe in it at all, for three reasons:

1. These people are often operating outside of labor law, not paying taxes but consuming local services including social services and education, and not paying into the system.

2. These workers are often abused and taken advantage of by growers and other employers who pay substandard wages and have people work in often dangerous environments.

3. There are Americans who would do some of the work currently done by illegals if they provided a decent wage and benefits. This will never be the case if growers can exploit cheap labor from Latin America and pay no benefits.

I admit my immigration policy is rather simplistic. But I say living in America is an honor, not a right to be given away to save a few rich growers money. I believe that anyone who goes through the arduous process to gain legal immigration status in the United States (And believe me I know, I am married to a foreigner), deserves U.S. residency or citizenship. Those who creep across our borders in the dark of night are criminals and should be treated as such.

Where David and I likely disagree (I'm not certain, as David doesn't go into detail about the nature and scope of legal immigration he would support) is on the nature and magnitude of legal immigration. This nation is a land of immigrants, and metaphors about it being a melting pot are apt and largely accurate. However, in the past few decades, America has seen an influx of immigrants not seen since the 19th century. At a consequence, the melting pot is no longer functioning as smoothly as might be hoped, and America has begun to devolve into a more European looking situation with islands of isolated communities which never assimilate or adopt the land which has adopted them. If we aren't careful, we might find ourselves in the same kind of demographic crisis currently engulfing Europe. And that's when the really bad stuff starts to happen.

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