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Friday, March 03, 2006

So I Went to Amsterdam for the Night
Written by: Speculator

Two Thursday's ago I was into my 6th hour of an indefinite delay at ORD and into my second bottle of super shitty wine at the "Chili's Too" in Terminal U Concourse 37, where, I proudly admit, I waited in line for 48 minutes to patronize.

So, the story goes something like this: I was pissed and hated my job. Then it suddenly occurred to me that the impending weekend was a 3-day bonanza, the February Labor Day, if you will (Why this had not happened on me sooner is admittedly odd). So, I booked a roundtrip ticket and one night hotel at the Renaissance Hotel Amsterdam for materially under $1K (it was 3X this to have 2 nights). A Thu evening European booking for a Sat departure... not bad.

Below is my effort to put pen to paper following my daily recommended dose of vegetables in AMS. Nothing extraordinary, nothing necessarily of merit, just a whole bunch of...

Note: nothing was doctored - this is how it sat on my screen when I finally slept like I was guilty.

I’m worried how the euro sign wilthatsonly one l

This is what I think about computers

Time – it was always time – I never lost sight of the fact that this had an end.. and im n ot there yet

Holy shit this is gonna read like I wrote this a

Cause I thought why is it hatt these damn software providers allow me to tyope like a jakcass but still provide ayou with discernable streams

That last one took me a whiule – but this one is zipping right through>>

What is it that I am telling that im an analyst to? (And don’t infer anything by the selection of “what”) (I need to find a better way to say that_)

I guess I am sobering up now – I now know that I need to remain certain that I am not going to die central Amsterdam

I am an analyst

That is the only way I just got through that [that on second read noted as a classic pronoun this is going to read horribly ]

It wanted to delete the entirty of the last assemb =ly of words

I cannot believe how bad it just got

Why didnt jesus actually write anything down himself?

lI still feel raw

The thought would come, but there was no allocation of capacity to the walk

Im done with it – why would I ever want to go back there again – ever – you lost all ability to assume that the summary of your action swould produce a predicted net result, i.e. you deferred it – you couldn’t handle it saved locally 1904

I never want to see that again –

i need

I remember beign frightened for my life – I did not know htat I could guarantee the next several minutes wouldn’t pass by without my complete loss of control –

I regcognize that I have to get this completely understood…thjis being the just had experience - I recognized I had fucked up – I bit off far (past any estimate) more than I could chew

And i

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